Zoho and Intercom in weweb

Hello guys,

New to using weweb and would like to ask if is there a way or a plugin I could use to add live chat in my weweb app like zoho or intercom? Or is there any option to add live chat on page?

Thank you so much!

I have not done it in weWeb, but I believe the general pattern here is that intercom give you a script you drop in the head section of your website.

weWeb does seem to allow you to add custom code in the head, have a look in settings (the cog icon at the top)

Awesome I tested this but I can’t see the widget when viewing it. It seems like you can only view the custom code when you publish the app.

Ah yes… well hopefully someone else can confirm this is the right appraoch and then you just have to wait for your first publish :slight_smile: