When will Weweb Academy Part 2 be out?

Hi! I completed part 1 of the Weweb Academy for beginners. May I know when Part 2 will be out (the one about scaling your webapp)? I read somewhere that it’s in May but not sure which day of May. Thanks!

Hey @raelyn :wave:

We don’t have a specific day (yet), but it should be by end of May!

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Hi team! Great work on Weweb Academy. I’m just going through Academy 2 now to familiarise myself with the platform, concepts and Things I Didn’t Know I Didn’t Know.

However, the “Create a dynamic collection lesson” seems to just take me back to the main course page. The previous and following lessons seem to work though.

Keep up the great work! Hope to share something cool soon!

Hi. I am doing everything as @joyce shows in the video “Add token-based authentication to a WeWeb project”, but when I click Test I get an error (at the 6th minute)

. I even deleted the project, but the error remains. What is wrong?

Yupp there’s an error for that lesson! Go to YouTube and search for it, it’s there :grin:

Know where to look.) Can you be more specific please?

Here you go! >>> Dynamic collection pages - YouTube


Thank you very much!

I’m going back through the lesson.
The error is described above.
Can anyone help?

@Joyce Can you help me figure out authentication in Academy Part 2)?

Sure thing.

Here’s a short section on how to debug Xano authentication. The same logic applies to token-based authentication.

Could you share the same screenshot but with the message part of the error unfolded so we can get more information about the nature of the error?

Thank you for your response.
I went through the steps of the lesson one more time and now there is one error.

Hi @icos :wave:

From your screenshot, I can only see it’s a 500 error.

If you go through this section of the user docs, you’ll see you can “unfold” the response from Xano to learn more about what may be causing the error:

I enter my email and password in view mode (they are random, right?). As required by Xano (at least 6 characters and 1 capital letter at the time of writing). Should this data be created in the database?

If you are trying to login, you should be trying to login with the email and password of a user who is in your Xano database.

If you are trying to login with credentials from a user who doesn’t exist, Xano will return an error. If you are watching the Academy videos, you’ll notice I am logging in with a user who is in the user table of my database.

If you’re unsure why the API call is failing, as mentioned above, you can have more info about why the API call is not working by opening the response sent by Xano.

No. When I register a new user, should it go into the database?

If you are trying to sign up a new user, you should use the Xano /signup endpoint and create the new user in the data base yes.

In the screenshots you shared, it seems you are trying to login a user that doesn’t exist.

If you are using Xano as a backend and just getting started with user authentication, I highly recommend that you use the Xano Auth plugin and go through the dedicated article on the topic: Xano authentication | WeWeb documentation

It will make your life way easier.

The level 2 of the WeWeb Academy is for more advanced use cases where you need to setup a token-based authentication system. We used Xano as an example but if you have a Xano backend, you’ll save a lot of time by using our native integration through the Xano Auth plugin.

@Joyce thanks, now I realize where my mistake is, it’s a translation error).
I want to ask here, since it’s on the second part of the Academy.
When creating a global workflow “UNAUTHORIZED”
message: “Unauthorized - Authentication Required”
The error is 401, but as I showed in the video, I log in using the entered data and go to the correct page. I can’t figure out where I went wrong.

Hi @icos :wave:

In the future, can you please create one topic per question? It makes it easier for others to find the information if they are looking for the same question in the future.

It looks like you have a typo in your headers. It should be Authorization, not Authrization:

I need to be more careful).
Thanks @Joyce !

It would be cool if when typing a word, a list of suggested variants would appear, like in VS-Code).