Building with WeWeb!

Hi All :wave:

Just completed the Academy Level 1. WeWeb seems pretty sweet. I have an eye for design and my current no/low-code stack is WeWeb/FlutterFlow/Bubble/Xano/Supabase :magic_wand:.
On-to cloning some apps from Bubble to dive into WeWeb.Thrilled to engage with y’all!



Welcome @buildnocode :wave:

Did you like the academy? I know that @Joyce put lot of efforts into bringing it up :heart:


Hi Vikrant :wave:

Nice to e-meet you :slightly_smiling_face:

Looks like you did a great job with the first project of the academy! Can’t wait to see the clones you build :grinning: Do you already know which ones you want to work on?

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I did! Eagerly waiting for Level 2. A recommendation would be to insert notes under videos since the WeWeb editor has evolved so it sometimes become confusing to relate/find something that is suggested in the video.

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Likewise! Thanks for guiding me through Joyce :saluting_face:

I’ll start with a basic clone of Product Hunt followed by a Twitter clone probably (those were the ones I built when I learned Bubble first : )

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