Searching for a (paid) WeWeb / Xano coach with Airtable + authentication experience

(let me know if I’m in the wrong place)

Hi all,

I’m looking for a WeWeb coach to book a few sessions with over the next week or two, and I’m happy to pay.

I’d likely ask for your time in 45 minute to 1 hour chunks.

Ideally, you have a Calendly or similar link where I can book your time and pay upfront. I’d love to be able to DM/email you with questions and then for you to be able to say “yea, that’s probably a call” or just send me a link.

Some background

  • I’m new to WeWeb.
  • My background is in no-code development: I’ve worked a lot with Airtable, Airtable front-ends like Stacker, Softr, and Noloco
  • I’ve done a generous amount of REST API integrations and automations with Zapier/Make (formerly Integromat).
  • I’d say I’m fairly technically-minded, but I’ve never learned how to properly program.

What I’m looking for
I’m looking for someone who can help me unblock my thinking and help me progress with building applications in WeWeb.

Requirements: experience with Airtable, Xano, and WeWeb

Some areas that are currently blocking me:

  • Authentication in WeWeb
  • How to display the results of formulas from Airtable when a user changes something on the front-end (I’m not as familiar with best practices around storing/not storing computed data in databases)

Any and all recommendations are appreciated. Feel free to reply here with your experience and what you think is fair for 45 minutes/1 hour.

Thank you!

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Hi @caffeinatedwes,

We’re still at the beginning of the WeWeb expert program so the best way for now is to book a call with someone on the WeWeb team to discuss your specific needs. (You can do this by asking us in the in-app chat)

Looking at your goals, we’ll recommend what we think is the best approach based on our other users’ experience.

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I’m looking for the same - a paid coach who can spend some time with me and watch over my shoulder as I try to build an application. Has there been any further building out of the WeWeb expert program? Thanks!

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Hey @caffeinatedwes @nsingh797,
I"m looking for the same kickstart help from a coach.
Maybe even the 3 of us have something to teach between us?

Still better than nothing…

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Hi there, yes, we have a community of experts we can refer you to :slight_smile:

In order to refer you to the best fit for you, we like to jump on a call to learn more about your project.

You can book a call with someone on the WeWeb team here.

If it helps you think of anyone, @Joyce, my coaching requirements are less around building a particular project and more of a general teacher/mentor/coach resource that has years of experience 1) building front-ends 2) building back-ends and they 3) are familiar with and see the value of building with no-code tools (like Xano and WeWeb).

For example, here are some questions and areas that would be great to have a dedicated resource to use to help accelerate my learning—

@bongoumedia and @nsingh797 — are you looking for a coach/expert to help with a particular project, or are your needs more broad?

Ha! Love this description. Let me share it with the team and see if we can refer you someone.

Hi @caffeinatedwes :wave:

@Quentin suggested Cedric Sobey here.

His LinkedIn profile isn’t focused on that but he has experience building back-ends and front-ends, with both Xano and WeWeb.

I reached out to Cedric and he’s happy for you to message him directly to chat more about your needs and expectations in terms of coaching :slight_smile:

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