What would you like to see in a new user documentation and in a future university?

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In parallel to working on the product features, the team is currently thinking on how to help you build with Weweb thanks to a better documentation and a brand new university.

Our thinking was this one:

  • The university should help people understand visual programming concepts (kind of like Webflow’s university, but for web apps) and how to manage a nocode project with a client.
  • The docs should help you while building in Weweb, listing all the product capabilities/APIs.

My question to the community is: What would you like to see in the university and docs? Also, how would you like to navigate/use them?


This isn’t a direct answer to your question, but I figure this tidbit might be helpful: Technically has been an invaluable resource to helping me understand fundamental web app concepts that have turned into mental models for building with WeWeb.


Let us know if you have ideas. We would be happy to hear you :slight_smile:
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I think what is key is make it visual, specifically in video format. I came from webflow and didn’t know how to code, but I know a thing or two about no-code backend. I always learn things by exploring and what helped me was by trying to do things and find out the way to do it, such as the cart function. There I learnt about variables, datatypes, inserting objects and manipulating objects, request and posting data to backend. Then I learnt about all the no-code tools in the logic. After I get the grip on weweb and can build most of the things I want to build, I found out the performance wasn’t good enough for my case(which I reported) knew I had to wait and I trust on weweb. But then I went to learn to code with js and react, and found it so cumbersome. I think coding is hilarious when compared to weweb. I think anyone can build atleast 10 times faster with weweb, as for me a novice coder a 100 times faster. One of the annoying things is docs, I think videos are much much easier to understand. That is why I think you guys should prioritize on video format, short videos, maybe all the basic things first, then do a practical ones like for example a shopping cart.

Another input I can give is, I think webflow university taught me html and css, maybe weweb university can teach me javascript, and also a little bit about authentication and backend, since most people probably handling backend for the first time.

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