Weweb ready for webapp in production mode?


I watched some videos and the roadmap.

Is Weweb adapted to launch webapp in production or just MVP (due to the bugs that can occur as the product is still young)



Hi @messa :wave:

I’ll let more objective people than me share their experience :sweat_smile: – like @kevinwasie, @Frekofou, @dorilama and @kyanaloe – but here’s my take on it:

  • Bugs do creep up in the editor fairly regularly as we push new features to production on a weekly basis. It can be annoying for the developer experience but we usually manage to push the fixes fairly quickly.

  • However, we do have a number of complex web apps in production. It’s very rare that bugs affect the published project. When it does happens, those become our #1 priority and are fixed very quickly.

Hope that helps!


Hi @messa,

We are a nocode agency and here is why we chose ww for the frontend part for our clients:

  • simple and user friendly interface: our clients want to be able to maintain and change their product by themselves, it is really easy to find everything when you want to build
  • regulary growing element catalog: some are “missing” but you can do custom component if you really need to or sometimes we found that may be it was the ux choice that was not that good…
  • plugin catalog: there is many “native” integrations with external services: authentification, databases…but i prefer to use the REST API plugin so i can use whatever i need. (generally i need xano and there is a native plugin for that but…but that’s not the point! :smiley: )
  • they plan to add many more features and as a developer, i really feel home when using that tool
  • part of their code is open source and you can contribute
  • you can do custom js, custom css, customent vue component, most of the product is bindable…you can really do complex tool and we use it for that
  • there is not so many bugs, indeed, most of the time, the bug is sitting in my chair…
  • they have aurĂ©lie, kevin, flo, raph, quentin and joyce and others people, you can talk to them many ways, slacks, twitch, twitter, chat in app…and the community is cool :slight_smile: no war against other tools, there is a tool for everyone and weweb is mine!
  • at the beginning it was just a try for us, but it’s been 3 months now and we are happy for now: the perfs and stability is here…for now we don’t have much traffic because we are still building, so that’s easy…but we are confident
  • yes they are young but all those previous points made us think that’s a good bet…we’ll see!

ps: that’s not a sponsored post!


Thank you for your answers, it is very reassuring :+1:

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Yes, I agree with all of this. Actually, the company being small right now is a big benefit. I hope it grows and takes over the world, but it’s been great to be on the forum, and ALL issues are handled right away.

I havent gone into production yet, but our MVP thats juussssssstttttt about done is really amazing.

The people are awesome. The forum is super helpful. I havent seen any bugs at all actually, and if anything they are minor CSS issues or small glitches in menus, etc… Most of the time its my fault and just learning the WeWeb framework and approach.

I really think it’s an incredible tool. ANYONE can learn how to use it and build an amazing webapp. I messed around with other tools before starting to build on WeWeb, and Its night and day for me. The IDE feels very good to work in and natural.

As people build other plugins and WeWeb continues to grow, it’s only going to get better. I love it.


100% agree with what everyone is saying.

Weweb team is super responsive and open. They take time to talk with you for questions/help.
The community is growing and can help you a lot.

Creating user interfaces is intuitive. You can easily create complex logic with nocode but if you need to sprinkle a bit of code you can do it directly in the editor.

It is easy to grow your app because your logic can be split in reusable workflows and is not tied to specific elements.

If your needs grow over all the features you can build custom plugin and elements: everything is a vue component with some convention and a nice development process.

I am enjoying using weweb since I tried it.


@Joyce, I think we’ve got our new testimonials for the website :laughing:

Thank you to all of us for showing so much love to our product! The whole team was humbled :heart: