Seeking guidance on learning this platform

Hello everyone,

I’m Sandhya, a newcomer seeking guidance on learning this platform. Can anyone recommend good starting points for beginners, such as courses on Udemy or YouTube? I have a background in full-stack development with expertise in Angular, PHP, and JavaScript, along with five months of experience in a no-code platform. Any advice or recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

Hi @Sandhya :wave:

We recommend getting started with the two full courses in the WeWeb Academy:

  • the first covers the basics of creating a layout and a simple user form submission in WeWeb
  • the second explains how to build a secure web app that scales with WeWeb and the backend of your choice

We updated the WeWeb editor UI yesterday and are in the process of updating the videos to match the new UI so you might want to watch this video first to find where the old data panel has been moved.

Ohk Joyce…

Thank you

@Joyce what app are you using to make your videos? I dig it.

Hi @Mark_Pederson :wave:

Tella is my go-to tool for videos :slight_smile: