What can we build with weweb?

hi, i found weweb today and look good so I was curious, what can we create with the web and if there are any case studies or showcases to understand how far it can be developed today?

can I create website and web app together because by default every page is static right?

Do you had plans to be able to create multi-site, so that each user can set their own custom domain and host their site and with something similar to Incremental Static Regeneration (ISR) of nextjs that update the static pages after x time

when I set display false the element in production is just hidden with display:none or is removed from the dom?

I found a bug in the tutorial in pop-up say item.data[type_id] instead should be city_id

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Hi @nicolatoledo.dev :wave:

WeWeb is used to build reactive web-apps. If you’d like to build a website, we would most likely recommend another tool like Webflow or Wordpress. Here’s our showcase page and a detailed use case.

You can create a website and web app together though we specialize in web apps. If you need your website pages to be pre-rendered for example, that will no longer be possible in WeWeb in a few weeks time. It’s a choice we’re making to increase the performance of web apps.

When you set display false, the element is hidden with display:none, it is not removed from the dom.

Thanks for the bug report! I’ll let the team know.

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thanks @Joyce :slightly_smiling_face:, yes I’m already using webflow but I was looking for a professional and scalable way (like webflow) for build web app and I think weweb and xano are the answer

I’m try to build a twitter clone with this stack to try it

do you mean that the static collection will no longer be available?

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