WeWeb equivalent of auto-binding in bubble.io

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I have a bit of experience building in bubble.io, but this is my first time building in WeWeb. It looks really promising, but I’m finding the learning curve a little steep.

In bubble.io, you can have a front-end field ‘auto-bound’ to the database. So if you choose record 1, all of the values from record 1 will be displayed on the front-end. Then when you change any of those front-end fields, the changes will automatically be made in the database in the back-end.

I’m assuming there is an equivalent for WeWeb, but can’t work it out. Not sure if it’s about how the collection is set up in the first place, a workflow at the element level, having hidden editable fields that are activated and populated on click that then write back to Xano, or something else entirely…

I am using a Xano database.

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Hi @ilan :wave:

Welcome on board! :slight_smile:

To get started, you might find this course from the WeWeb Academy helpful.

To answer your question specifically, I’m understanding two things:

1- you want to display a list of items from your backend (Xano) in your frontend (WeWeb)

To do that, this video specifically will help a lot.

2- you want people to be able to update an item using the user interface built in WeWeb and for that record to be updated in your Xano backend when they do

To do that, you’ll need to create a workflow in WeWeb. This article should help.

What would be your preferred method of editing?

If you’d like the user to be able to do inline editing, I’d recommend checking out the data grid element.

Another nice UX is showing the list of items in a table element and displaying a modal when a user clicks on a little pencil icon to edit a record. You could use the CRM template as a starting point.

Let me know if that helps. If not, don’t hesitate to share a video of your project so we can look into it further :slight_smile:

Thanks @Joyce, your reply is very helpful and has given me a few avenues to explore.

I’m really enjoying WeWeb so far and I’m looking forward to learning and building more :slight_smile:

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