Automatically Sync with Xano on a Static Collection

Hi, I wanted to know if there is a way to automatically sync a Static collection with Xano backend so that static pages for the new entries keep generating without any manual interference?


I have similar question.

When I update record and post to Xano I want my static collection to be updated too with this changes.

How to do it ? Add action to workflow where I post to backend?
But which action?

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Hi @switchfuseunit & @Anna.fae,

We need to add the option for the Xano static collections. Meanwhile, you can use instead the REST API plugin for your static collections. You will find the hook in the Fetch data category. Here :point_down:

After making the call to this hook to trigger the synchronization, you can then call the publish hook that you can find here :point_down:

Tell us if that works for you :slight_smile:


Hi @flo, thanks for the info.

To clarify my understanding, this publishes the updates to your WeWeb app’s design and logic—it doesn’t just update the data in the static collection. Is that correct?

In other words, if I want a user of a CMS that works with Xano to add new items to Xano and for that to be synced with the WeWeb static collection, there isn’t currently a way to do that without also automatically publishing changes I might have in progress on my WeWeb project. Am I understanding correctly?

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Ah yes @caffeinatedwes, if you use the hook to publish your WeWeb project automatically, it will publish all changes, not just the updates to the static collection.

You could use a Dynamic collection page to keep the content in sync without having to republish the entire project but if you want static URLs like @switchfuseunit and @Anna.fae, you don’t have that flexibility.


Got it, thanks for letting me know. That would be a useful feature in the future, but not blocking things. I’ll be careful in the meantime.

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