Hi all, I'm Fred from Toronto,CA. Founder of a SAAS for basketball leagues

I’ve been trying to build my platform on Bubble, but the UX of the editor (and how they think about various concepts) is really confusing to me. I’ve decided to start again from scratch. I want to build a single page web app (SPA) on WeWeb + Xano. I’m also looking for a coach who can guide me as I build.


Hi @fredo22 :wave:

Welcome on board! We’re excited to have you :slight_smile:

We are releasing a course on how to build your MVP with WeWeb. It should cover all the basic concepts you talk about in your post. Would you like me to send you a link to beta test it tomorrow? The app may still contain a few bugs but I’d love your feedback on the content because it’s meant to help users who are new to WeWeb like you!

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Hi Joyce! nice to “meet” you! I enjoy your videos and your positive energy! Yes, I’d love to have a look…


Awesome! I’ll send you the link tomorrow :slight_smile:

Welcome Fred. I used to play some basketball in Canada. Sounds cool

hey mdh, where did you play, and do you still play where you live now?

Hi Joyce
Was the course released and published ?

We already have two courses available on our Academy