Range slider filter and database in weweb

Hi weweb community,
i’m new to weweb and found weweb from reddit searching for bubble alt.
Here is my case for building an one-page MVP:

  • A price aggregator with 200k records and 10 fields/columns is now stored in a Google Sheet.
  • I tried out other no-code tools for sheets on the website; they have limitations on different aspects, like: i) only the first 10,000 records can be used; ii) limited filter options, i.e., no range slider filter; and iii) no customization for the card to display.
    I would like to know if I can do these in WEB:
  1. For the 200k rows of the database, could I link it as the backend from a Google Sheet to WeWeb?
    If yes, would the performance be bad or slow because it is a free Google Sheet?
    If not, should I use Xano to store all my data and link it to WeWeb? Would you suggest XANO or another no-code backend?

  2. Is it possible to make a range slider filter for the user? need a range slider filter for both the “price” and “weight” fields. also, need filters as “multi-select buttons” (sorry, just does not like how to describe it), i.e., for “color” the user can select “black” and “yellow” from a dozen colors.

  3. Can you make it so that once a user selects a filter, the filtered record is displayed automatically at the bottom instead of having to click the search button?

  4. further enhancement: is it doable to have both list view(table mode) and visual view(card mode)

  5. further enhancement: is it doable to have dual-language in a weweb site? i.e., the user clicks a button on the NAV bar, then the website changes from English to Taiwan. Triditional Chinese

thanks in advance.

Hey @rainbow :wave:

Welcome to WeWeb :raised_hands:

Let me answer your points:

  1. For such a high number of records, we strongly advice on using a backend tool. Xano is the best for nocoders in our opinion and perfect for your use-case.
  2. Yes! You can find all these fields/inputs here (see screenshot at the end)
  3. Yes you can do this by having an on change workflow on the slider that filters you Xano collection :wink:
  4. Yes, you can do this with the datagrid and kanban elements
  5. Yes, WeWeb handles multi-language out of the box: The App Settings | Weweb documentation

Thank you queentin,

Read from Reddit that community is helpful and now I found that is 100% true.
Your answer make me had no more hesitation to jump to the weweb boat.
Did read some of those community replies with detail answers showing with screenshot, document as well as video to tutorials. This reallly help a lot to show the right way for newbies.
Will start learning from the weweb tutorial and try to build the site.
Two suggestions that others may mentioned:

  1. weweb should have more exposure in social media platforms as well as forum like Reddit. Someone should be in Reddit and suggests more people to switch to weweb during the bubble change in pricing time. Suggest not to only spam in Reddit by just leaving a line like “weweb” like others no code platform PR did. But to mention the pros and cons for each case by the OP.
  2. i don’t know how many user is using weweb to build their site; but expanding the number in showcase would definitely help others potential users to consider weweb.
  3. more YouTube video, I guess it was is made by agency, should be made. There is so few results in YouTube now, as well as in fiverr. Agency should be a big push to the platform and community.
    For me, the pros is definitely backend api +weweb front end made it a better combo than webflow: more than 10k cms sin webflow. Easier learning than FF. code export that most platforms doesn’t support or need Hugh cost.
    Thanks for reading such a long reply. :joy: