How can I make data load quicker?

In a small project, I’m loading data from Airtable via a table element. It takes anywhere from 1 second to 10 seconds to load, and there’s only 6 items in the Airtable table.

That’s a potentially really long load time, and will presumably only get worse the larger the table.

  1. How can I tell if this is an Airtable or a WeWeb problem?
  2. Is this a known issue with dynamic data sources?
  3. What options do I have to fix the loading times?
  4. In Safari, when logged out console seems empty
  5. In Brave browser, when logged in, console has a lot of errors (see image).
  6. How do I go about debugging issues like this?

Thanks in advance!

Are you in the editor? There is a lot of extra stuff going on there compared to the final app. Publishing to the staging environment gives you a better idea of the preformance.
The errors you see are caused by the adblocker blocking requests to some resources, you should be fine.
I think that it was mentioned multiple times that using airtable as database is generally slow, and that’s why most of the apps opt for a different backend like Xano or Supabase.

Yes that console log is me in the editor. Ok so it sounds like Airtable might not be the best option. It seems fine posting data, but getting data seems to be quite slow — even when the app has compiled.

My only concern with Supabase is that it involves a fair amount of Data Admin stuff, which I’m not the best person for. I’ve also heard their CLI can be a bit hard (or buggy?) to wrap your head around. Also, the row level security seems great but I envisage a steep learning curve!

The pricing for Supabase is definitely more reasonable than Xano.

In the Network tab in the console, you can see the timings of your Network calls, as for the errors, there is some you just can’t fix, as it’s WeWeb stuff.

@Broberto Great. I’ll take a look at that and see if it’s an Airtable issue. Sounds like I might have to choose another data source though :frowning:

@robm, just to share that i was also on Airtable before… I am a non-tech founder, and felt Airtable was easy, but since then i moved to Supa, and it’s absolutely FANTASTIC… the switch over is quite straightforward, so pls don’t hesitate :slight_smile:

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@unboxengage Do you find yourself mostly using the GUI for the database, or are you using the CLI tools with Supabase? I was a bit put off as it seemed a steeper learning curve, but good to know it’s working well for you!

That’s true I do use Supa GUI a lot… That said i often need to do some data cleansing and wrangling, for which i use python.
If you don’t prefer Supa and only are looking for DB capability (and not auth), then you could consider as well. It’s really another wonderful alternative to Supa/Xano, but just that you will have to use REST APIs for all DB transactions from weweb (vs ready built plugins for Supa).