Tips to Speed Up Fetch Time?

Sometimes it seems as though my collections take longer to load than they should, given the amount of data and simplicity of api logic. Is the speed of fetch totally up to the back end (in my case Xano), or are there things I could be doing better in weweb to ensure quick api call times and loads?

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Hi @kyanaloe :wave:

Are you on Xano’s free plan or a paid plan? (that will affect time to fetch)

Something else that can affect loading time: if you’re calling the same data several times in different collections in WeWeb.

Having one collection per table and using lookup or rollup formulas to link collections can help ensure you’re not getting the data twice for example.

Does that help?

I’m using a paid plan.

I would LOVE to know more about using lookup and rollup to reduce calling the same collection multiple times. I have several collections per table, each to sort of slice the data differently. I clearly have missed something that will help me reduce the need to call data multiple times. Do you have a video or tutorial on that?

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Completely understandable! It’s an improvement we made a few weeks ago but only promoted once in the changelog. Working on a “data best practice” article that will hopefully help :slight_smile:

In the meantime, the documentation for the lookup and lookupArray formulas is here

And the rollup documentation here :slight_smile:

Let me know if anything is unclear! We’re always looking to improve the user doc.

Oh that’s really helpful! Do you think that I could setup a 1:1 meeting to walk through this for my use case? I really want to follow as many data best practices as I can so that my app doesn’t get bogged down and slow. That said, it’s fairly complicated and I could use a little more help imagining how to use those concepts