Hi there, I'm Alex, user of WeWeb

I grew up in regional Australia, have travelled a good amount, lived in :tr: before settling in :uk: up in sunny 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
I’m a long-time coffee professional, having had my own cafes in London, and now have a coffee roastery in Scotland. The coffee Roastery (Manifesto Coffee) was founded by myself and my business partner out of necessity after losing our jobs at the start of Covid. Consequently, I’ve had to learn a lot about ecommerce in a short amount of time, developing an interest in nocode tools in particular, with WeWeb definitely being a favourite!

When not working on my business’ website on WeWeb I:

  • Dream up other ideas for businesses I can build websites for on WeWeb
  • Roast coffee
  • Drink coffee
  • Work on the house
  • Wait for my twins to be born
  • Listen to music (Metal :metal:@Raphael and french metal kings Gojira!)
  • Get really frustrated at my lack of time to be able to dedicate towards learning Javascript



So happy to see our best power-user here :vulcan_salute:

Something is telling me that we’ll need lots of :coffee: here at WeWeb :rofl:

We’ll definitely buy you some man!

Yes!! @manifesto, love Gojira :smiley: saw them live in Lyon a couple of year ago, they rock. When going back to the office in September we’ll definitely buy some of your coffee. Which one do you recommend? We like the “italian style” ones :coffee: