Hello there, I am Raphael, co-founder & CEO at WeWeb

Hey everyone :wave:

I am super thrilled that we started this community forum and looking forward to meeting you all! :star_struck:

We started weweb.io with my co-founders Marc & Florian three years ago - here is a picture of us at Station F - an amazing startup campus in France -, a couple of weeks after we launched our v1. I’m the guy in the middle :v:

Before starting weweb.io, we built a mobile app in rails that lets people choose music in their favourite bars. We were working on it aside from our regular jobs and had a ton of fun given the nature of our users :partying_face: :beers:

In the process, we met many great people with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. We were inspired by their grit and willingness to create innovative products. This eventually led us to quit our jobs and start weweb :mechanical_arm:

A little bit about me

  • I grew up in Dijon, Burgundy, where the mustard comes from! We also do great wine in this region :wine_glass:

  • I love music and I play the guitar :guitar: While I love listening to all kind of music, I’m a fan of metal music :metal:. Happy to share with all the metal heads out there :smiley:

  • I studied finance & marketing and started my career in consulting :man_office_worker: Needless to say that I got much more excited by the web and I’ve been happy working on a startup ever since :man_technologist:

  • I lived in :fr: , in :tr: and in the :us_outlying_islands:. I love being in an international environment, meeting different people and learn about all the amazing cultures on :earth_africa:

I am looking forward to sharing with you all about web dev, no-code / low-code, metal music and how to build an exciting future :hugs:

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Happy to see you here boss :laughing: