Hi There Coffee - in progress

So this is my second WeWeb project (I have more floating about in my head!).


This will be a new coffee website where customers will be able to configure their own blend from a selection of single origin coffees. They’ll then get their bespoke-blended coffee sent to them in a nice little printed bag with their name on it!

There’s a few technical issues that are beyond me, but a friend has said he might be able to help out with javascript.

  • The sliders will default to 0% and can each range up to 100% in 10% steps. If someone simply wants 100% of one coffee, no problem.

  • The sliders will be limited depending on the % already selected. For example, if 30% has already been selected, then other sliders can’t go higher than 70%.

  • The total of the chosen coffees will display on the right.

  • The customers name will be inputted in the first step on the form, this will be the name printed on the bag.

  • Hopefully Snipcart for payments. A single SKU can be used, and all the quantities of each can be submitted as custom fields for us to use.

The site isn’t functional yet, have quite a bit to do with the form, which for now will probably need to be done with custom code, particularly in regards to the sliders functionality (range of 0-100, default of 0, steps 10, total across all sliders of 100, limiting of sliders maximum based on the input of other sliders)

As I said, I have someone who may be able to help out with the javascript on the form, but if there’s another way to get it done natively, that’d be epic! If not, being able to use data sources in the code blocks would also be quite excellent!

Anyway, thanks for your time. I’ll update this thread as I update the website.


If you need guidance to write custom component for your form, do not hesitate to ping me, I can maybe work on a POC in a futur weweb live stream or just provide information/advice to the person who helps you for that :).