Manifesto Coffee - My first WeWeb project

So this is my first WeWeb project. I run a coffee roasting business in Scotland and set things up early last year during the early days of Covid (fun times!). We started things off on Shopify, which we found very limiting - anything we wanted that was outside pretty basic functionality meant we had to add and pay for an app, slowing the site down and breaking the design of things. Everything was a compromise. We decided to move on to something that would allow us to do exactly what we wanted and originally started building in Webflow. Webflow was great, but we manage pretty much our entire business in Airtable and weren’t particularly happy with all the hoops we had to jump through to connect things.

Then I stumbled upon WeWeb, and what a revelation that was! Being able to simply choose Airtable as a content source was a game-changer for us - I could have my data set up in exactly the way that works for me and by business and pull it straight from Airtable into WeWeb.

It didn’t take long to rebuild the website in WeWeb (found it easier to learn than Webflow to be honest), and with a bit of help from the WeWeb folk, got it all hooked up with Snipcart for taking payments.

It’s not an overly complex website, I wanted to keep it fairly simple an minimal, but here it is for anyone to check out!

Things I love:

  • Using Airtable as a datasource

  • Being able to write directly to Airtable using WeWeb forms - no need for form-builders, airtable forms, or zapier… This just makes me want to stick forms everywhere!

  • Snipcart integration - there are a few tools out there that allow you to build websites using Airtable data, but so far there are none I’ve found that can really allow you to create a solid, fully featured ecommerce website (note to WeWeb folk: exploit this!)

  • The approach to creating animations - far more intuitive than other tools I’ve tried!

Anyway, I always welcome feedback. I’m an amateur no/low-code we designer who has really only gotten into this stuff out of necessity, so I’ll never believe I’m an authority on any of this! Feedback is treasured, both good and bad!


Love it man :heart:

I especially like your website’s design. Have you done it all by yourself? It’s quite impressive.

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one of our favourite site built with weweb so far, thanks for sharing! Feedback noted for the Snipcart integration, I’ll reach out to the guys at Snipcart, we might work something out together.

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Yep, went through many design iterations on other tools before discovering WeWeb and building what you see now, though!


This is awesome- working on my first workflow solution for the FMCG space…been building on Zoho Creator and Bubble for a while but want to give WeWeb a bash and use the project as my introduction.


Exciting! Looking forward to seeing this :smiley: