Hi. I'm Kevin, from Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Hi there.

I found WeWeb by searching for bubble alternatives. I was looking for a company to hire to build a nocode MVP for us.

I had no intention of building our MVP myself because I did not have the time or the technical expertise.

I was going to hire WeWeb to build the MVP for us so I signed up for a trial account just so I could know the limitations of WeWeb and make sure it was a good platform.

Sure enough, I started playing around with the software and within a few days I had built something that I could understand and I saw I could build our MVP.

I have some background in programming… as in, I’ve dabbled a bit in VBA, and .net, and I’ve known the concepts of CSS and JSS, but I’ve never really built anything substantial that works.

I loved WeWeb so much that I’ve been working with it now for about 6-7 weeks I think (?) and I’m just about 70% of the way done with our MVP.

I never thought that I could build something like this. I was always worried about security, and database design, and api calls… all of that stuff seemed super complex to me, and I hate the idea of sitting at a keyboard typing code. For me, thats not fun. So, WeWeb has given me the ability to build something in a visual format that naturally feels very good to me.

Outside of how awesome the software is, the people at WeWeb are AWESOME. Since I dont really know much programming, I am consistently running into roadblocks, and I’ve received incredible help from everyone in the forums. (THANK YOU!)

I’ve shown my friends the MVP, and they cannot believe that I built it. They think that it looks awesome.

Outside of this, I own a real estate company, have written a pretty good book, I own rental properties.

And, most importantly, I have two awesome kids.


It’s such a pleasure to read this, Kevin! We’re so happy to have you as a user and incredibly grateful for your awesome contributions to the community :hugs:

Super excited to see what’s next for you! The MVP looks great already :grinning:

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Dude, it’s such testimonials that give us the drive to build such a product.

Thanks a ton man :heart:

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