Hi! I'm Sofiane and I'm already addicted to Weweb =,)

Hi everyone! :sunglasses:

I’m Sofiane, a passionate guy about education and systems in general!

Happy to be part of the movement!

We build our first API (Flask Python) and SPA this month using Weweb and we love it!

You can find me here :point_right: Edtech Connections

Feel free to drop me a message for any kind of topics, cheers!


Hi @sofiane! Super happy to have you on board :blush:

Wow! So cool! Glad you’re enjoying the WeWeb experience!

Edtech Connections looks great! Looks like you have lots of cool projects going on.

Can’t wait to see what you build with WeWeb in the coming weeks and months! :grinning:

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Hey @sofiane :wave:

So cool that you are here!

As someone who had been on WeWeb since before we pivoted to webapps, it’s humbling to see you’re still with us :slight_smile: