Hello! I'm Neha, a student at Harvard Business School

Hello! I’m a student at HBS and a previous Product Manager at Facebook and WhatsApp. While I have worked with several engineering teams during my professional experience, this is the first time in a long time I have ‘coded’ anything myself and am excited to empower myself with WeWeb, while testing out several business ideas that I have. Looking forward to getting to know the community and ramping up on using WeWeb - I’ll be more or less full time dedicated to this over the next few weeks.


Hi Neha :wave:

Welcome on board! Excited to see what you’ll build :grinning:

Are you working on a specific project already?

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need help!


Hey @nsingh797 :wave:

Really happy to have you on board!

As a former PM, I’m sure you’ll get tons of feedback about WeWeb. Feel free to share them with the team :slight_smile:

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Very excited to have your here Neha! Welcome and we are looking forward to seeing what you’ll build with WeWeb! Let us know if we can help with anything :slight_smile:

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Hi Raphael, Quentin, and Joyce, I’m looking for a paid coach to help me ramp up on WeWeb - I saw a thread on this from a few months ago and was wondering if there had been any progress on the expert network since then or if you know anyone who might be interested? Similar to this thread I found: Searching for a (paid) WeWeb / Xano coach with Airtable + authentication experience - #4 by nsingh797

I’m looking to build a web app to help match parents with baby name options. Basic model is that I’ve got a bunch of names tagged to specific attributes and would like to rank/return names to parents based on their inputs. Any ideas on how to get started with this or which tutorials would be most relevant? Thank you so much!!

Hi Neha, here’s a link to book a call with someone on the WeWeb team to discuss your project.

We’ll recommend the best solution possible based on your project, deadline, and budget.