Hey, I'm Aurélie, Front Developer at Weweb

Hi everyone, I am Aurélie, front developer at Weweb.

I am a Vue lover :heart: , and I mainly work on the editor and the developer experience on our components. If you need information to build a custom component, you can ask :).

I was previously living in Paris :fr: , and recently moved to Bruxelles :belgium: . If you know good places that I need to try there, let me know :).

You can find me on Twitch, I mainly stream javascript live coding session.

When I am not coding for Weweb or for personal projects, I am a board games addict :game_die: , and also a TCG (trading card game) player.
I played Magic The Gathering a lot, even do a pro event once :sunglasses: .
I was travelling a lot in Europe for playing or judging the game, and I am waiting the tournaments to restart after Covid.

You can find me on internet with my face or with my logo (a purple fox :fox_face: )



The purple fox is our new mascot - together with @flo’s cat =D

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