Hello everyone, I'm Florian, co-founder and CPO at WeWeb

Hello everyone!

I’m Florian, co-founder and CPO at WeWeb.

I used to code every day with my co-founder @Marc (I went to school with him!) when we started weweb.io with @Raphael. Now, I’m spending my time on Figma & Dribbble :grin:, and I really love it!

Here I am, seriously working in good company:

(Yes, there will never be enough cat photos on the internet :grimacing:)

When I’m not talking to you or playing with the little tiger (her name is Athena), I love:

  • Spending time talking to my friends around good :wine_glass:& :beer:
  • Cooking a lot, I’m a real French cliché
  • Playing tennis :tennis:
  • Playing guitar :guitar:
  • Trying to learn the piano. If you know good online tools, please tell me :pray:

I can’t wait sharing with you all on how to build with no/low code tools :fire: