Hi 👋 I'm Quentin, the guy in charge of Growth at WeWeb

Hello everybody :wave:

I’m Quentin, Head of Growth here at WeWeb. Here’s a picture with other members of the team. I’m the one with the arrows:

I grew up in Nancy, France, not far from the German border. Hence my (now lacking) knowledge of German. Hallo an unsere deutschen Freunde :de:

I studied marketing in school but learned how to code by myself when I was 9 yo, stealing my father’s books on C and VBA :laughing:

After having lived in Bordeaux :wine_glass: and Berlin :beer:, I’m now based in Paris :croissant:

When I’m not working on making WeWeb grow, I like to:

:weight_lifting_man: Go to the gym
:beers: Drink beers with my friends
:movie_camera: Watch movies (especially scifi ones :vulcan_salute: )
:video_game: Play video games (especially strategy and management ones)
:computer: Code small side-projects (and now, do them in WeWeb :wink: )
:musical_note: Listen to music (especially techno and rap)
:busts_in_silhouette: Debate all day long with my friends (about startups and global warming)

I’m thrilled to be here with you :raised_hands: