Has anyone created something like Milanote with WeWeb?

Hi Community,

I’m interested in building something similar to Milanote (https://milanote.com/) in WeWeb. I’m wondering if this is possible, or if it requires enough custom code that it’s not worth doing in a no-code platform. For some reason, mentally, I can’t even begin to break down Milanote elements into WeWeb components. I think the drag and drop / canvas aspect is throwing me off and making it seem really complicated.

I did a brief search, but I didn’t see anything. I think of Milanote as a unique solution so I wanted some thoughts on this specifically. However, if anyone has anything similar that’s developed in WeWeb, I would love to take a look!


An app like that is a large undertaking even with a development team. My take would be that you want to build that in house. That doesnt mean you couldnt do it in weWeb, but as you mentioned, it is going to take a lot of custom code to mimic it.

Obviously the interface is one of the big selling points… but you could build out a lot of similar functionality in an app, but perhaps having a page to manage each tool… users would still be able to achive similar things… just not all on one canvas.

Even though I use these types of apps everyday (Miro, Milanote, etc…) I personally find them difficult to use once the canvas is heavily populated. Finding things becomes a visual mess for me, but that might be because my background is in Jira, notion types of approaches.

That being said… I would love for someone to attempt it in weWeb so we could follow along!

I’m not opposed to a development team, as I have a concept I’d like to develop as a product, but for now I’m interested in developing a stripped down version with some custom features for my own internal use.

That’s an interesting idea.

I agree for most management tasks. We do video production and marketing, and Milanote is one of the best tools I’ve found for managing creative projects, as it gives you both fluidity and rigidity in a visual sense. Notion is amazing and I use that as well, but not in a client-facing form as it’s just not visual enough to get the juices flowing in pre-production phases.

If we go that route, I will definitely update this thread!

Thank you for taking the time to leave some thoughts!