Hello, I'm Marcus, a product manager currently living in Lisbon


I’m new here—drawn to join the community as my gut feeling and mind are telling me decoupled stacks, and specifically WeWeb and Xano, have a bright future ahead. I look forward to being part of this community, and adding any input where I can.

I’m a product manager (that previously ran a predominantly low-code / bootstrapped focused agency for 3 years and someone who has tried and failed to get market penetration at launching a B2B SaaS product, engaging that it was), aiming to up my working knowledge in current no-code and low-code platforms.

I’m about to start building an app in Bubble, primarily for learning purposes. However, I’m now considering building out the same app in WeWeb/Xano. Regarding the latter, I think I would want or need to work with a developer skilled in WeWeb and Xano, in large part, not least for expediency.

The app in question is a to-do list (yep, another one!), designed to incorporate logic, workflows, and a dashboard that, from a learning aspect, should be helpful to me. It has some differentiators from other to-do apps around deep work focus and health incentives through gamification. I would provide the full designs in Figma (with auto-layout).

Could someone recommend one or more affordable but skilled developers from the forum (or alternatively, if there is a particular freelance portal with WeWeb developers, point me in the right direction) so that I can have an initial consultation call about this to understand complexity and indicative build and maintenance costs before I consider taking the idea further?

Happy to pay $2 per minute or something similar for the call. I did reach out to someone on Fiverr, but their communication skills didn’t fill me with confidence.


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Hi Marcus,

There seems to be a trend in product managers :sweat_smile:.

I am also a PM who has gone down the no-code rabbit hole after working in early startups and seeing how valuable no-code can be.

I’ve used Bubble for multiple personal and client projects, and have recently started using WeWeb/Xano after seeing how much easier it is to build within for functional modern use cases.

Happy to hop on a call and discuss your use case.

If you haven’t yet seen it, there is an excellent video on Youtube that explains how a very basic to-do app can be built using WeWeb and Xano: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BxvePxYaWkI.


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Hi Matthew,

It would be really helpful to have to have a chat with you, thank you.

I’ll check out the video and I’ll ping you early to midweek next week to arrange a call, as I should have the designs/prototype and basic logic done by then. Hope that works.


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Sounds good - my email is matthew@launchleanly.com

Feel free to get in touch when you’re ready.

Thank you very much. I think this call will be really helpful to me.

Will be in touch soon.

Hey @MarcusLP :wave:

Really cool to see you here!

As a former PM (and WeWeb employee :laughing: ), I obviously 100% agree with what you said. For me, even before working for WeWeb, was the decoupled stack the way to go.

Hope you’ll find the help you need here :wink:

Welcome! Director of Product here.
I have found nocode tools have helped me get to aha! moments a lot faster and also to ‘NOPE’ dont spend time on that idea! lol

I would recommend the weWeb academy - it is worth a watch, even if you are getting others to build for you. Understanding CRUD in weWeb, variables etc… super useful.

All the best and see you around here

Thank you both - excited to be here.

I think Matthew will help me get a good understanding of the landscape and I’m also going to review the academy tutorials (recently I have been spending time understanding common principles and processes inc. CRUD so hopefully it won’t blow my mind :)). In fact, I’m almost certain I’m here to stay.


Thank you for the chat @MatthewS. Super helpful. Feel more aligned in my direction.

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