GDPR - hosting location

Hello, I am kinda new to no-code. Was looking for a while for a right frontend builder and came across Weweb. Got maybe kinda newbie question. I could not find the information about exact location of weweb servers (apart from the info that it stands on AWS). Where exactly is weweb located and is it 100% compliant with GDPR?
Additional question: If the servers are in the US but I get backend cluster in EU, then if someone enters a personal data via weweb forms, is it stored on US servers even for a moment or is it going straight to DB in EU? Sorry if my question is kinda basic, but im not a technical person. Regards.

Hey @Cichy :wave:

The WeWeb editor and your final app are hosted in North Virginia in the US.

But, if you’re using workflows or data collections configured as dynamic, the data will never pass through our servers, as all the API calls are made from the end user’s browser.

Hope this helps!

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Hello Quentin,
Thank you very much! This is what I needed to clarify!