Do you have an EU app server and file storage system for GDPR compliance

I know you use the server in North Virginia but I have a client concerned about where the app and files are located, as they are based in the US.

Do you have an EU server?

There are numerous GDPR-compliant options, and you can even self-host both the Weweb and some backends

Where are you hosting your backend?

If in Weweb, then you would be better off asking their support. I can’t imagine they wouldn’t have this covered being a French company, though. Also, you can now self-host if needed.

It seems to me that the vast majority of use cases would have a different data source from Airtable to Xano you can choose a lot, as you can use a REST API.

I have zero real technical skills and went with Supabase. It’s fairly easy, as there are 100s of tutorials, and you can choose your server location or self-host. Their freemium is extensive and well-funded, which helps mitigate risks. They have built-in authentication and role-level security feature, which enables you to only call information directly related to that user (I won’t go too technical as I will probably confuse myself and get it wrong).

Hello @tjmcdonough, we only one server in North Virginia, we don’t have any in EU

As tekcorps said, it’s now possible to self-host if you needed