Data storage and WeWeb auth

Hey folks, really enjoying building with WeWeb so far! I’ve hooked it up to a Xano for testing and plan to move it to our MySQL database when I feel ready to go.

I’ve searched the forums and don’t think this nuance of data storage has been covered. I’m comfortable that WeWeb isn’t storing our data so long as I’m using dynamic data (as per this thread). BUT, what about the email addresses stored for WeWeb auth? Presumably these are stored in a database on your end somewhere? Is there any info about how / where that data is stored? I just want to be fully prepared when I try to get this over the line with our IT department.

Hi, WeWeb Auth is a wrapper for a customised AWS Cognito service. So the users info are indeed stored in our AWS infrastructure in the US.

If you move to Xano you should use Xano Auth to be able tu authenticate your API calls to Xano and apply your policies :slight_smile:

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Really helpful, thanks @Alexis! I’m not planning to use Xano long term (just using it for testing), but I’m assuming there’s a workaround I can do for my MySQL database.