Customise line chart component

Im exploring nocode charts and thats really cool tool, thank you WeWeb!

I try to show Nr of items sold by Date/time and is there any way to customise it:

  1. to make X axis for date/time linear - currently events distributed in strange way… 1 week or 6 months has same interval

  2. Y axis make not decimal but number and change range or so…

Hi @Anna.fae :wave:

Not sure about this. The X-axis is not a timeline by default so if you don’t have any events between December 2021 and June 2022, it will not display anything.

Just asked the dev team how they would approach your use case. I’ll keep you posted!

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Hi again @Anna.fae :wave:

It looks like there’s no easy solution for this.

Basically, if you want the graph to display all the dates in the calendar, you need to pass an array that includes all the dates in the calendar, even those where there were no sales.

Whether you manipulate the data on the backend or frontend side is your choice really.

If you decide to do it in WeWeb, I think a Workflow that loops through your array of sales and creates a new array that includes every day of the period and sums the sales per day could work.

You might need a bit of JS in some places.

Thank you! Ill try something and share if that works :slight_smile: