Chart.js library

i was wondering if planned to expand the chart.js plungin with more charts types and functionality?

when building a dashboard the current charting capabilities in weweb seem limited?

also, if i’m missing something or a way to expand on this please let me know.

one simple example im trying out is how to do a stepped line chart or a donut chart.

Hey @trevorfields :wave:

Adding this to the roadmap, we’ll keep you updated!

Do you have other use-cases you’ll want to do?

I wanted to be able to use

  • Stacked bar/line - to compare projections vs actual.

  • Multi-Axis Line Chart - to compare three variables

  • Polar area - to show all elements that make a whole


You can do all this type of chart in WeWeb with the plugin chartjs


We just added the parameter “Options” during our new release, you can now do whatever you want with our plugin chart.js

Don’t really sure about what you mean by customize with JavaScript if you want to give me more detail

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oook…can i add some javascript to it with options?
[update]doesn’t work
no drag and drop
no data
maybe it doesn’t find the right id
can you tell me why?

Options here is just a way for us to expose ChartJS options object. So we support here exactly the same option as ChartJS documents it.
Here it seems that your context/window manipulation try to get non existing object. What are you trying to do? This object should not try to do that, but probably do this manipulation inside function use by ChartJS

It uses a plug in.
Ok , can i show you my jsfiddle in private?
Will wait for your approval then i will send you a message.
Thanks for your time

Sure, send it to me by message and i will share it with other person on the team who know best than me this component :slight_smile:

ok , doing now

don’t remember if i thank’d you for your help , maybe i’m asking too much and i don’t wanna bother you with impossible asking ( not for your skills but for what weweb can do today )