Can WeWeb replace our technical cofounder? Hi im Ty, from the UK

Hi, I’m Ty, a cofounder of Sprocket

Our technical cofounder had a health scare, so he stayed in his 9-5.

I’m proficient in webflow, so I have found WeWeb reasonably straightforward. I hoped to build an MVP there, but all options are either janky or insecure.

What we are building
We are turning a marketing consultancy into an App. The app will guide users through the process of hitting the ground running from day one. We give them all the resources they need to create a comprehensive marketing plan. Our easy-to-use analytics dashboard lets users track and improve their progress every step. Not sure how to execute a specific task? Our framework provides step-by-step instructions for every element of effective marketing.

Where we are up to
I started building the website in WeWeb, and have done the first pass on Supabase. Perhaps we will need to make a few changes as we go.


Hello @tekcorps,

Thanks for sharing your project with us, this sounds very exciting and we’re glad you are trying out WeWeb for this. We think that your stack is well suited for your project.

Remember that if you need any help with your project, you can either reach out directly here in the community for support or book a call with us directly on our website so we can deep dive in your project and figure out the best way to help.

Hi Mael,

Thanks for the kind words. Hopefully, you are correct. At this point, I think the rate-limiting factor is the human on this keyboard. We shall see.

I will book a call to ensure I am chopping in the right direction.

Many thanks,


Sounds like a great project! Good luck with it @tekcorps. I’m sure the human on the keyboard will do just fine :wink:

Your tutorials are good enough that a well-trained monkey should be able to figure it out. So hopefully.

P.S. The latest one is distracting as the in-person conversation does not sync.