Build a project like Weweb's academy

Has anyone used the Guide to build their own academy with a Xano backend?

The current academy doesn’t seem to use a backend database like Airtable or Xano. I only see Variables to house the data. Is that correct? If so, why do it that way?


Hi Frank

I know they are updating the documentation, but found this old document where they talk about using Airtable 🎓 The WeWeb Academy Page

Hope it helps


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Thank you, Francesc. I will go through this video. It is good to know that they are updating the documentation. I have found that the current documentation is old and in sync with the current version of Ww.

I would like to know how the app was built by using variables instead of Airtable or something else (if that is how they did it).


Yes, existing documentation is hard to follow as you can’t apply what you see, because interface has changed a lot. But that opens a whole world of opportunities, because now is the time to create content.

Personally, I have decided to start asap to generate content in Spanish, as there is not much (almost nothing) in that language

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Hey we’re working on this!

It’s a huge work as we’re constantly changing WeWeb, so there’ll always be outdated documentation for now. Hopefully, webinars and the academy might help by explaining concepts that can be reused even with a slightly different interface!

For the academy, @Joyce is even preparing a course in the academy on how to build it (meta, I know :laughing: )


Hey @Quentin, I understand, and it is good to know that the entire team is striving to make WeWeb better.

I have been through the academy and almost all of the YT videos. Deconstructing the Guides has been very helpful too. I am eager for more content! :laughing:

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What type of content would you like to have? I’m super interested to get your feedback on this.

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Hey @Quentin, We are putting together courses that we would charge for. We have our own CDN and APIs, so we wouldn’t need YT, Vimeo, or some other CDN to host our videos. We would also be able to use iFrames. We are a media and marketing company. So a lot of our courses would be about this area of focus. We currently use Thinkific and FreshLMS for courses we build for our clients. We would love the freedom of design that the stack of Xano and Weweb would allow.

So the short answer to your question is that we are building content for our company’s courses, and we create content for our customer’s LMS. We are planning to sign up with you and Xano as an Agency Partner. In this way, we can customize the LMS for each client’s needs.

Ah yes, we have a video explaining how we built the old academy with WeWeb + Airtable but the new academy is on a WeWeb + Xano stack with a completely different design.

When you create a new project, you can use the “Academy” template to copy the current design:

The Xano database looks like this:

Feel free to take inspiration to build your own! If/when possible, we’ll try to do a webinar to live-build it with @Quentin :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello Joyce,

I appreciate the inspiration! I will be watching for the live build. That will be great!

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