Any suggestions for adding a WYSIWYG editor to our app?

Can you provide tips and suggestions for adding a WYSIWYG editor to our app?

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Hi @talentbender :wave:

We expect to deliver a rich text input field in the next 3-4 weeks.

Would that work for you or do you need it sooner?


Thanks, Joyce. That time frame is cool. I have a number of other things I can work on during that time.


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Perfect! Thank you @talentbender :slight_smile:

Hopefully an emoji picker could squeeze into the plugin :sweat_smile::pray::grin:

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I’m really looking forward to this - any update on that timeline?

In advance of the feature release, it would be super helpful to understand how the input will be stored in the variable, so that I can work on the backend APIs. For example, will I be passing messages in markdown language to my backend, or will the WYSIWYG editor create HTML that can be saved/sent through a backend?

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Ha, exactly 4 weeks later! I’d love to add this to my site as well. Working on a form for an event app. Will it be possible to include images? I’m not sure where the image file is stored in that case, but ideally it could be loaded directly to xano instead of filling weweb storage. Thank you

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It’s taking longer than we expected. We’re a couple of weeks late on that one :confused:

The editor will output HTML or JSON, markdown is not possible with the solution we chose.

Not with the first version of this element, no. We will iterate on the element but not sure when images will be available.

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Thank you for the update, @Joyce! I am really looking forward to this component going live - I’ll be using it in lots of places across my app.

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