Is there a good solution for a rich text editor with image and video embedding


I want users to be able to embed images and videos into rich text.

Videos could be worked around, but images are absolutely essential.

It needs to work intuitively with a WYSIWYG interface.

Any suggestions on how to achieve this with WeWeb?


If it’s not in the roadmap you can always have a look to see if the html element fits your needs.

The best way would be creating a custom element that integrates the library of your choice.

Okay, I think i’ll have to look into this. Do you know of any good casestudies/demos of integrating a component like this? Something I can use as a starting reference. Thanks!

Are you comfortable with javascript and vuejs?
Weweb components are vuejs components with some conventions specific to the platform.

Have a look at the official docs first, then you can look at how most of the official components are made weweb-assets · GitHub.

For an example of how to import external libraries and use then in a component you can have a look at my implementation of Stripe Elements GitHub - Dorilama/weweb-stripe-elements-test

Hey there, being able to add images in the rich text input is something we’re looking at but haven’t prioritized yet.

Just added it to the public roadmap to help us prioritize. I’ve added your votes with the email addresses you use for the community so there’s no action needed on your side.


Hi @dorilama thanks for this. Yes, I’m familiar with js and vue, but with everything like this the closer an example I can find the better, and use that as a template to get me started. I’d actually started building this app in Vue, but given time /maintainability constraints I decided to try the nocode approach, but I guess I’ll have to roll my sleeves up again anyway :smiley:

I’ll have a look at your stripe elements test - looks very helpful!


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