Anyone building a rich text editor with a floating toolbar editor?

Is anyone building (or already built) a rich text editor with a floating toolbar editor - like TinyMC & Tiptop have? Where you highlight text and the floating rich text toolbar appears?

Anyone used editor.js??

I would use custom components, if you’re willing to pay for a Workspace plan. Otherwise you’ll swear a lot, trying to make this in WeWeb with a mix of no-code and JS - If the editorjs doesn’t work with WeWeb’s NPM Plugin properly.

Hi there, we actually tried to do something on our own recently and it wasn’t great (it’s just not working as we want it, showing floating menu isn’t that easy as it seems, even by getting the coordinates on click etc.), so as Broberto said, I suggest using some custom components and using tiptop/lotion as a base for it.

Redactor WYSIWYG html editor looks like a better option …

Have you used redactor with weweb? Is it able to store user data to Xano?