Any suggestions for adding a WYSIWYG editor to our app?

If you only need unformatted paragraphs (every newline marks a new paragraph) you may use a long answer input while you wait for the full rich text editor.

You can split the value of the input on newlines:
Then you have an array of strings that you can display with the column element.
It is very basic but quick.

Of course the data structure is different from what you will get from the rich text editor. If you use this workaround now and use the rich text later you may need to change how you store the data in your backend.

Also, in this way you have full control on how to display the paragraphs after editing but you can’t style the value of the input, so during editing it will be just an unstyled text in the input.


Wow that’s a cool workaround! I think you are right that it will be a data structure mess after switching, so I might as well wait at this point. Would be nice to have a preview of the rich text element because if it is very busy (especially on mobile) I may decide to use your method. Thank you!


Hi everyone :wave:

Here’s a preview of the rich text input @foliodc.

@kyanaloe, yes, we really messed up on this one. First we ran into a few technical roadblocks in June, then we got our wires crossed during the review process, lacking coordination between summer holidays. We’re very sorry about this.

Not sure if you were able to attend the live stream last week where we began by addressing this issue. Basically, it’s very close to being released but there are a couple of big items that are tied to that release and mean we still can’t commit on an exact date unfortunately.

Again, really sorry about this! We strive to do better.


Thanks for the update. Everyone who has reason to use WeWeb knows that sometimes things take longer than expected.

I don’t see an insert link function, can you confirm that won’t be part of the rich text element? If so, I’ll come up with a work around.

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It will be possible :slight_smile:

There is no dedicated button at the moment but links are available you can select the text you want and paste a link to convert it.

It’s a great UX point though! The team is checking if / how they can add a button down the line. Thanks Kyan :slight_smile:

The button has been added :slight_smile:


That’s awesome! Thanks! Can’t wait to get my hands on it :slight_smile: