Another backend possibility for your app

Just putting this out there incase anyone is searching for another backend/nocode database solution for their WeWeb app. Checkout

It has a very similar feel as WeWeb and uses a flow style UI for creating endpoint logic. If you like the workflow editor in WeWeb, you may like the flows in Altogic.

I haven’t done too much with it, but found it the other day while doing a search.

Its very no-code friendly. Not sure of Pro/Cons, but one thing I liked in it is the ability to create security policies, similar to RLS in Supabase in a visual UI.


Follow up: I got on a demo call with them today to talk through their program. Here are a few things pretty cool features that are worth noting for people:

  1. Ability to set dynamic rules for database fields: For example, you set a database field to required = true, based on another field. Such as … if you have a field labeled “are_you_married”, you can make it so that another field called “spouse_name” will then be required. This is at the database level, so it means that all API endpoints/logic will abide by the rule. Pretty cool./

  2. Ability to offload logic from an endpoint to a messenger service: This is great because it allows you to return a response to the client, and keep processing data. I’m going to use this to send emails, text messages, and upload files. A great user experience for the user.

  3. Row Level Security Policies: As I said above, you can set policies for the the read, create, update, and delete of different objects. This means that you do not need to have the authorization logic cluttering up the endpoint. Just set it once, and the system will handle ensuring that users can only view the records they are authorized to. Currently, this does not support super complex scenarios where other tables would have to be called prior to running the function, but the team is looking into making this a feature. (Technically, you could do complex scenarios with caching, but not super elegant solution)

I’m very impressed with the software and super excited to start working with it.

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Very cool! Just signed up for an account and certainly looks more user friendly than Xano!

Thanks for sharing!