Xano Login Form Does Not Have Workflow

Hi. I’ve added the Xano Login form to my Login page; however, I’ve discovered that it does not have a workflow already included as stated in the documentation, so I don’t know how to connect everything up when I do create a new workflow.

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Hi @talentbender :wave:

Thanks for letting us know!

It should be updated now.

If you still don’t get the workflow included as mentioned in the doc, here’s how you can set it up.

Does that help?

Thanks, Joyce! Everything worked as you described it with the actions included on the form. I set my default page, but when I logged in nothing happened. Is this because the site isn’t actually live? I have my Xano Endpoints set up, and my user table seems fine.


Hi Dewayne,

Can you test the workflow in the editor and share a screenshot of the messages you get in the debugger?

Here’s an article on troubleshooting workflows that may help.

Here is what I see

Can you show me what’s in the response like here:


status: 401

statusText: “”



message: “Unauthorized - Authentication Required”

My login authentication is working now. When I double-checked everything, I noticed that I had previously copied endpoints from the wrong API group.

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Awesome! Thanks a lot for letting us know :grinning: