Errors on Xano Login form?


Firstly. Wow! What a great tool. As a designer primarily, and coming from Figma, Sketch etc… the UI is a dream to work in. From a designer perspective I’ve yet to find a feature missing. Really impressed! :+1:

Ok. My issue :wink:

Have set up a User Table in Xano, setup authentication endpoints per their docs and your tuts.

Setup the endpoint refs in WeWeb, and dropped in the Xano login but just get errors when I go to test the workflow :frowning:

Was wondering what I’m doing wrong? :grimacing:

Many thanks

What’s confusing to me is also the Formulas? Of course I can choose Email from the Data choices, but Password will not be an option for obvious reasons.

Really confused how to set this up correctly?


Yeah this is the error I get when I ‘Test Action’ on the Xano Login Action…

name: "Error"
stack: "Error: Request failed with status code 400 at e.exports ( at e.exports ( at XMLHttpRequest.f.onreadystatechange ( at XMLHttpRequest. ( at XMLHttpRequest.sentryWrapped ("
message: "Request failed with status code 400"
isAxiosError: true
toJSON: function(){return{message:this.message,,description:this.description,number:this.number,fileName:this.fileName,lineNumber:this.lineNumber,columnNumber:this.columnNumber,stack:this.stack,config:this.config,code:this.code}}

Do you have your form fields connected in the workflow? Your screenshot doesnt look like you do.

It should look like this.

Here you go. Getting your formulas set up is step 1. Do the photo below and then we can see if anything else needs attention.

That plug icon is what you use to give WeWeb different pieces of data in different areas. For instance, if you want to dynamically set a bg color based on the time of day, you could do this by clicking the plug next to the bg color parameter for whichever element you want.

Then, use a formula in there that tells the system what color, based on what time of day.

This is also how you use dynamic content, and set other design elements based on data from the backend.

For your scenario, you need to get the Email and Password into that workflow. The plug is how you do it.

Sorry, the picture above shows email instead of password for the formula. But, you need to do it for both of them, in the respective fields. Email to email, and password to password.


Yeah did all that already. Still get those error messages.

Hi @mrcndrw :wave:

Could you share a link to your editor with me? I’ll try to sign up then login if that’s ok with you :slight_smile:

Hey Joyce,

How do I share a link? Sorry :grimacing:


Hey Marc, no worries!

You can copy/paste the link of your WeWeb project here in this conversation (others won’t be able to access it) or you can click on my picture to send me a private message:

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Hi Mark,

I wasn’t able to reproduce your issue but errors from the Xano plugin can be many things.

Common errors include:

  • trying to sign up a user that already exists in the user base in Xano (need to login instead),
  • trying to sign up a user with a password that doesn’t match Xano’s default requirements (at least 6 characters and 1 capital letter I believe),
  • trying to login a user that doesn’t exist in the user base in Xano (need to signup instead).

To learn more about a specific error, you can go here when you test the action in the workflow and it fails:

Does that help?

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