Recreating Auth0 Login and Logout with Xano API endpoints


I am currently trying to authenticate users via APIs to my xano backend endpoints. I am using the Xano Auth0 plugin in the backend, because I want to have my user table in Xano not Auth0, while using Auth0 login. The Auth0 Weweb plugin does not call xano apis, therefore I am trying to set up the same setup but by calling Xano endpoints that were created by their Auth0 plugin.

This is what my workflow for login currently looks like. I need to open up an external page, parse the resulting URL after login and use that as a variable for the ‘cont’ step to receive an authentication token. The problem I’m having is that I can’t test each step and troubleshoot past opening up the new page, because it exits me out of the workflow editor. I know though that I’m not getting to the 3rd action ‘cont’ because that is where my user table in xano should be updated and I don’t see that occurring. I can’t tell where it is going wrong between action 2 and 3.

I was wondering if the Auth0 plugin code could be shared so that I can just edit the API endpoints, or just to see so I can copy the way they get a popup to an external page and record the return from that page.

Just found this response, so I believe this would work better than my method of brute forcing a workflow. I believe the xano social logins update would work as well.