Xano Auth Plugin with test/other data source?

In Xano you can use a “test” and “production” data source by passing in an X-Data-Source parameter either via QueryString or form post as noted here Data Sources - Xano Documentation
Currently, the Xano Auth Plugin does not support passing a variable as a parameter as shown in the attached image

I have not created/modified any WeWeb plugins yet.
Would it be a large amount of work/time to add the formula input in the plugin?
Any suggestions on how I can get up and running quickly, aside from going over the WeWeb plugin tutorials?

Are you comfortable with javascript?

The official dev docs are about custom elements and sections, but the weweb xano auth plugin is open source. You should be able to understand where are the lines with the requests and how to add what you need.
Then modify the components for the editor interface and see on the dev docs how to use the custom code.

I can muddle my way around in JavaScript without too many issues.
I know the plugin is a VUE project and I’ve played around in React in the past.
I’m hoping to work on this in the next week or two, but I’m not too sure when I’ll have it completed.