New Xano Plugin: Not Passing Auth Maybe?

I have been really loving the new Xano plugin, and set up several of my pages in a totally new way thanks to suggestions from @Joyce. However, when I try to open my published app, none of that data is loading for me. I’m wondering if perhaps it’s because there is nowhere to put the access token in the header? Just a guess, but obviously it’ll be a big issue if I can’t get data to pull!

How are you setting up your pages in a new way? Just curious for my own learning.

It may not be a new way to you. Basically, I had been using a lot of different collections to populate the dynamic data fields throughout my app. Each one had sort of a unique configuration to give exactly what I wanted displayed on a given page. But @Joyce helped me understand how to set up one table for each collection, and then use lookupArray, lookup, and rollup (among others) to filter the collection for a given page. This has helped me cut down on the number of collections I’m calling, and avoiding duplicative calls.

That said, the issue with the Xano plugin is a pretty big one!

I’ll need a bit more info to figure out what’s going on here :confused:

Does the user need to be authenticated to view the data ?

Is it working in the editor in preview mode but not on the published app?

Would you mind recording a loom to walk us through your project, showing us how it’s setup on the WeWeb and Xano side and when you’re experiencing the issue?


Yes, user needs to be authenticated to view data. When I was using REST API for collections from Xano, I put the user’s accessToken in an Authorization field in the Headers section. There is no place to do that through the Xano plug in. I just assumed it did it automatically, if you also use Xano authentication.

Yes, it is working beautifully in preview mode, but no data show up in published app.

I’m traveling today so it’s not easy for me to record a Loom yet, but I can do so later if still needed. For now, I am attaching two photos, one of what it looks like in the editor, and one of it published.

No worries. I’ll look into it asap.

If you can message me login details or direct me to a signup page (so I’m added to the Xano user table), it’ll help me run tests in the editor and live version of your app.

It does do it automatically.

Just to follow up - I tested the pages using REST API collections, rather than Xano Plugin collections, and can load the data in both the editor and live. So I do think the issue is related to the plugin.

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Hi @kyanaloe :wave:

FYI, @Slavo passed on the info to the tech team, they’ll look into it.

Hi @kyanaloe :wave:

Thanks again for your patience! We really appreciate it :pray:

Re-posting this here so other users are aware.

There was an issue with all Xano collections in dynamic mode behind authentication. This is now fixed!

The fix will be effective once you re-publish your project.

Happy to confirm this is fixed!


Thanks man!!