Xano auth plugin issues, how to authenticate without plugin

Hi there,

I was trying to add Xano auth to my app using the plugin.
I have the User table, and the auth endpoints for signup, login and me. All these endpoints work in the Xano debugger and postman.

In Xano do have a specific datasource to use in the editor (data source: dev) and one to use on test and live environment (data source: live). I use the same Metadata api key that I use for the working Xano datasource plugin.

When i try to setup the Xano auth plugin I get the error that some endpoint can’t be loaded and that signup endpoint can’t be loaded. This error also pops up when I try to add the Xano login action in a workflow. For some reason there aren’t any parameters I can bind (like email and password)

I already submitted a support ticket, but in the meantime I want to try an alternative approach.

I want to use rest api or xano api request to login and retrieve the jwt authentication token.

How should I store this token in a variable or local storage to use on pages where I check the result of the me endpoint and to fetch collections.

Upon logout I want to clear the token variabel and redirect to login page.

Is this possible and can someone point me in the right direction?


Issues are resolved. I tried to add the plugin using default options for datasource and branch. After that issues were gone. After that I changed the editor datasource to Dev and it was still working.

I noticed that the datasources and branches starting with an uppercase. Before I added these lower case. I don’t know if that was the cause of my previous issues.

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Maybe check the Xano documentation to see if they are case sensitive, could be the root of the issue :thinking:

We will try to improve the datasource and branch configuration by replacing text input by select dropdown where you have the list of available settings :slight_smile: