Exchanging auth0 token for Xano token

Hey guys, back here again. But honestly, I have been trying so hard, but keep coming back without a solution. Currently I have my users logging in through the Auth0 plugin and all is well.

Since I am using Xano as my backend, my user table never gets called or updated. I was informed by tech support from Xano that I will have to exchange my Auth0 token for one from Xano’s user authentication endpoint.

The endpoint works correctly, and does return a token in exchange. However, I do not think it ‘authenticates’ my user on the WeWeb front. Meaning, I am unable to store additional info, or log/sign up my user table. When attempting to make a call to an authenticated endpoint, my calls fail.

What am I doing wrong here? Am I overthinking something? Weirdly, starting out on my WeWeb journey, I thought authentication will be the least of my concerns. But I am starting to think otherwise. Any help is appreciated.

Thank you!

It might be worth simplifying and just going with Xano authentication for now? Rather than exchanging tokens?

How important is it to your users right now to use AuthO? The built in Xano auth has worked well for me, and allowed me to focus on the actual functionality of the app.

For this specific issue, perhaps you could paste in the end points you are calling from weWeb, also any errors (weWeb or Xano)

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You are right. I just might have to succumb to that option.

The only reason I am leaning very much towards Auth0, is because my target audience is a relatively mature crowd. Providing Sign in with Apple/Google is a big plus and should help conversion. I believe the Xano auth does not have that for now.

Also, I do have the same project on Flutterflow and having a standalone auth provider like Auth0 might be what is needed.

Let me get the end points. To be honest, I do not get any errors. I get the token exchanged successfull, but no idea how to link that Auth0 user to my Xano user. When trying to make an authenticated api GET call, it says access denied, which suggests user is not logged in.

I know xano does offer auth for many of the other providers, using plugins… but I am just suggesting that for a first pass/build, dont let implementing all of that slow you down on your core idea.

You’ll have to pass the token you get from xano as a header on all your xano calls it sounds like.

Hey Jared,

Sounds about right. But how do I do that when there is no option to add the header (see attached)

? Is there a format as well?

To anyone looking, I was able to do this just by using the REST plugin than the Xano plugin.


We intend to add headers and more options in the Xano plugin in the weeks to come. Hopefully you’ll be able to do it using the plugin pretty soon!

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