What happens if Weweb were to go out of business?

I hate to ask this question, because I am absolutely loving what I’m seeing here, to be honest Weweb is the Low/No Code platform I have been looking for many years. My only concern at this point is what happens if Weweb were to not continue as a company, couldn’t secure funding for additional rounds, etc?

Will Weweb open source it’s code if the company were dissolved? Would this be something you could add add language about somewhere if that is the case?

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That’s a critical question and we understand why you are asking it. I’ll make an elaborated answer.

Today, the risk is split into two:

  1. the apps that are generated by WeWeb
  2. the WeWeb editor itself

1. the apps generated by WeWeb
If we were to disappear, we would transfer the code of their apps to our customers so that they could continue running them on their own servers. The apps generated by WeWeb are standard Vue.js applications that can easily be edited and deployed by a front-end developer who knows Vue.js or React. If the app has an authentication system, our users would also have to re-develop a little back-end to handle the auth security so that the app would continue to run smoothly on their servers. We estimate that a regular back-end developer would build such a back-end in a week.

2. the WeWeb editor itself
If we were to disappear and if we could legally do it, we would definitely open-source the editor’s code so the community could continue running and improving what we started. However, there are legal scenarios where we might not be allowed to open-source WeWeb. In that case, the editor would not be accessible anymore to our users.

So, if I summarize, if we were to disappear, you would still be able to run your apps on your servers, but there is a scenario where you might not be able to use the editor to do update these apps anymore.

Now, on the positive side, we are well funded, not concerned about this risk for now and determined to continue on our journey to making WeWeb an essential tool in the stack of no-coders :slight_smile:

So, being in the shoes of our users I would tend to think about the benefit/risk balance and ask myself: is WeWeb helping me saving enough time compare to coding my front-end and all the risk that comes with it, like having my developers getting away and leaving me with a code black-box? Or, is it worth it to not benefit from a no-code front-end builder today, compare to risking not having the editor anymore a couple of years from now?

Hopefully this answer will help you frame the risks!
Happy to answer any further question you’d have on this topic :hugs: