Weweb's momentum & future stability?

Hi guys,

Before committing the next few years of my company’s tech stack and development resources to weweb I’d like to get a sense of how likely Weweb is to be around in 5 years. Looking online it feels like they really are a small startup, with only a micro share of the market vs Bubble or Webflow etc.

What can I look to to get confidence? I’ve seen Crunchbase but it doesn’t help particularly. Are there any figures on active customers? Live websites?

I really want to back Weweb as I think they’ve the best vision and tech stack of any of the contenders, but i can’t ignore the risk of betting on a startup.


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Hi Richard, Raphaël here, CEO at WeWeb.
I will be transparent so you can take your decision accordingly:

  • We are still a small company compared to the historical players like Bubble. We raised a total of $3.5M while they raised $100M+. They’ve been around for almost a decade, while we’ve been around for only a couple of years. So we’re not fighting in the same category, yet.
  • The company’s finances are healthy, we are growing fast and don’t plan to shut down any soon. We are hiring at a steady rate despite the current context.
  • If we were to shut down, you would still be able to get the code of your projects and continue to run them on your infrastructure. The risk is therefore limited to the usage of the editor (the no-code builder).

Happy to discuss about this in details over a zoom call.


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Hi Raphael,

I appreciate the direct and open response. Congratulations on the raise and the current state of the business. I truly am wishing you success in this endeavour!

I like the technology stack/approach you’re taking and this makes me more willing to take a bet on you. However I obviously can’t totally ignore the platform risk.

I’ve 2 follow up questions

  1. When you say we would be able to get the code for our projects and hence run them ourselves… is this code clear and maintainable code that is generated by your editor, or is it a minimised, production ready set of javascript files etc? The point I’m trying to understand is, how likely is it we could continue maintenance and development of the project to date in the absence of your code builder?

  2. Would you consider providing some form of access to the code-builder too? I.e. docker files, or maybe a Github repo?



Hi Richard, sorry for my late reply!

  1. just like for our enterprise customers using self-export, we would export both a compiled & non-compiled files of your projects + a Docker image for the authentication back-end if any. The compiled version of the code and the Docker image can be deployed as is on regular infrastructure. The uncompiled file will be a standard vue.js application, easy to read and edit for developers.

  2. This is hard to tell because depending why we decide to shut down, we might have IP limitations that makes it impossible to release the editor as an open-source platform. We would obviously love to do this should it happen, but the feasibility of this will depends on the context of the shut down.


Hi Raphael,

Thanks for the direct and transparent reply!

The non-compiled files sound like a good solution in this unlikely circumstance.