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Hey everyone, I hope that you’re doing fine !

One of my client asked me if the plugins used in Weweb were exported too when you export to code, and since I’ve never tried I’d rather ask here before telling anything to him, so if everyone has any informations about this that’d help (I’ve read the documentation already)

Thanks !!

Hey, I’d say they do, they’re open-source (i think) like all the Elements (components) e.g datagrid, to be found on Github. Code export without plugins wouldn’t make much sense, but I’d wait for someone from the team to confirm this to you. I think it should come with your code export though.

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You can ask for an example project

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Thanks for your precision, I’ve checked the example projet too !

Plugins, as well as elements you use in the project, are indeed exported in the final build (as they need to be in the app for it to run).

Plugins that were not added to the project are not added in the final build.

Also, some plugins like Auth ones and OpenAI need external servers in order to be used securely. This can get exported on demand :slight_smile:

About this, all of our plugins (and elements) are open-source and available here: weweb-assets · GitHub

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