[URGENT] progress erased

This morning I had access to my weweb account from a different laptop and I noticed all the work of the last 7 days has been removed, despite being it saved each time. How can I recover it? i dont’ even see version control

kind regards

Hi @FREDRIKK :wave:

Can you confirm this was resolved in a few minutes through the support chat?

My understanding is that the correct project was in a different workspace and the changes had been saved correctly.

Hi Joyce! Is true I can see the new version of the project now, but I’m not completely sure the issue has been resolved, I recurrently see elements in a different manner then how I left them, bindings get lost and some elements are hidden. Next time I’m going to screenshot everything so I have proof.


Sorry to hear that. It is very strange indeed and so far we haven’t been able to reproduce the bug unfortunately but please keep reporting them so we can get to the bottom of this.

Even better than a screenshot, a video would be very helpful to walk us through the issues when you notice them! This will help us a lot understand what may have gone wrong.

Thanks a lot for your patience.