Page access not saving

I’m trying to add and save new Private access rules to new role groups for some pages on my published project. However, when I try to save, it’s stuck and it doesn’t actually save.

Is this a bug? How can I get around this?

Hi @franciscolora0524 :wave:

Just tried it on my side and didn’t have the issue :confused:

Are you still experiencing the issue? If you are, could you send me a link to your project so I can try to reproduce the bug in that context?

I have something related to this problem too. I lost all the saved progress of the latest two days, can’t find the way to recover, it was a lot of work!

I just sent you a message with the info. Hopefully, that was the correct info.

Just to reassure other people in the thread. The work was not lost on this. It turns out @FREDRIKK was looking at a backup project in a different workspace :slight_smile:

Thanks for providing the project link @franciscolora0524.

I was able to reproduce this. It does look like a bug indeed. I just shared a video with the dev team so they can investigate further.

Hi, I actually get not saved work quite often. that’s why that was my first thought.
This morning I opened my project again (it is btw the only one left on my repo) and noticed that everything I did yesterday evening was not there anymore, about 3h work.


Just saw your message in the support chat and replied there directly. To give more context to people who may be reading and worried about this, the elements were not deleted. The binding was referring to an empty collection so the “Empty list” message was displayed in stead of the options for the checkboxes.

Hey Joice, I replied you promptly but I never heard from you back unfortunately. As I stated the component menu was not showing the elements from the grid, strange thing and the binding was all left properly set since the day before.

I attach you the screen that I have shared in the Chat support, that was left without any comment, thanks.

Hi @FREDRIKK, sorry about that, I finished early on Friday because I had a train to catch :grimacing:

I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.